Security of the home and discussing how RFID can be used for other things is also a great conversation for a group and if members continue with their interest on what we are doning as a club then they can help on a project building it as well.

Below is an example how RFID can be used in your every day life and with some imagination you can guess how we would use it to benefit the space workers to assure all areas of the club have been attended to recently by someone that knows or has been trained in what to look for in a particular area.

Considering our projects:

Security is important to assure our assets are not taken when our volunteers are not able to keep an eye on things. Video monitoring is also inportant to add to our research plus assure that we can pick up on any changes that happen when we are not there to see them personally. RFID is also improtant to track volunteers so that we know what areas haven't been looked at for a while and make sure that the people in the area have been trained for that job. 



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