Our Future Plans For Public Awareness and Satellite Communication (Picture taken 2015)
By Michael Bakk

Our demonstrator lunar habitat headquarters contains simulated life support to live is space but also contains the equipment that is needed for communication with the International Space Station (ISS). We had some great opportunities to speak to and allow up to 600 students at a time talk to the Dr Robert Thirsk while he was in orbit on the ISS. 

Dr Robert Thirsk is truly a gentlmen in every way, not only did he give time to speak to us and all the children plus answering the most incredible questions that these children could think up, he also came to visit them after returned to earth. 

I would like to thank Dr Robert Thirsk, the "Quarter Century Wireless Association"  (QCWA), "Amateur Radio on the International Space Station" (ARRIS),  their President Ken Oelke VE6AFO, ISS contact official Brian Jacksonand all the members from the Calgary Space Workers (CSW) that volunteered their time so we could be involved in these incredible events. The CSW was proud to support the QCWA by supplying our equipment so the communication would go smoothly. We enjoyed the opportunity to make this incredible event something to remember and we enjoyed being able to make this event special for so many children and also an experience we can tell our own grandchildren about. 

The QCWA provided us with a person that had the special license for the high powered ham radio that was used. This license is needed for communication with the ISS. The QCWA also had a incredible turnout of wonderful people who were very knowlegeable about the equipment setup. The application to talk to the ISS requires the specs of the equipment and the licenced ham radio operators commitment to excellence so there is a promise that we will follow through. This is to make sure that everyone is properly prepared. The high cost of this equipment is another reason for placing the specs on the form, as it is not common equipment for all enthusiasts of ham radio operation. We look forward to the opportunities ahead for encouraging more involvement in space and communication.

The CSW are putting our equipment and expertise of the QCWA together to encourage elememtry schools, high schools and other educational facilities to apply to have radio contact with the ISS. 

Prior to the CSW being involved with the ISS contacts it was done by Brian Jackson and an affiliate club to the QCWA known as "Amateur Radio on the International Space Station" (ARRIS). They contacted the ISS and spoke to Doctor Robert Thirsk and allowed questions to be asked by a few students on behalf of five hundred and seventy (570) who were listening in with them. 

This prior set up for the students also took a significant amount of time and effort. A mobile satellite communication centre would be an ideal solution to replace the hours of preparation required. The CSW will thus be able to bring its mobile satellite communication centre to other locations in Canada or the United States to supplement the education of students who apply for this opportunity.

We at the CSW have since been involved in two more contacts with the ISS and Dr. Robert Thirsk and have enjoyed working with the brilliant enthusiests of QCWA/ARRIS group. Our involvment and in the meeting of Dr Thirsk has been a true inspiration toward futher development in this area.   

We at the CSW are committed to a project of building a more "ready on demand" mobile satellite communication centre. We are also looking forward to working with the ARRIS group and their President Ken Oelke VE6AFO, ISS contact official Brian Jackson and will enjoy showing the other aspects of our Lunar habitat demonstrator as we continue in our attempt to enspire and encourage further study of lunar/space habitation and travel

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