Do you know anyone that might want to give us a hand??? 

Our science club that wants to build the cell phone and ham radio communications for the Calgary Space Workers trailer (control module). This will be built at SAIT and involves robotics and engineering for electronics, a telescopic antenna tower  This rover allows the antenna to be remotely carried or wheeled into position. The rover would then remotely unfold  and then raise into position so the cell phone tower and antenna would be ready for use. With enphisis on stability the tower would stay in position as long as it is needed. 

To get the funding the rover must have an additional potential for use in other application. I would like to allow the cell tower to be available for search and rescue where cell phone signals are to week or non existant. 

Our control module would double as a command centre for communications during parades, festivals, stampede, Forrest fires, search's for lost children and many other community services. All the equipment will still bare the name of the Calgary Space Workers and will give us public support and exposure. 

This rover is intended to be built for the Calgary Space Workers.  At this point I need to find some volunteers that are willing to be involved in this project.

Much of the work to design and build it will be done by our interested volunteer members. 

Michael Bakk 
Calgary Space Workers Society

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